Florida First Insurance

The ProjectRecently Launched: Florida First Insurance Group

Florida First Insurance’s freshly built site features a clean and modern look providing a simple yet effective user experience to customers navigating their webpage. With mobile responsiveness in mind, all user experiences, no matter the device, will be equal across the board. The website sits on top of the popular WordPress platform, allowing our client to grow the website – we provide training for all websites we build. To address security, we installed an SSL (lock icon) and WordFence – which monitors the health of the website and protects from any malicious attempts.

Included Features

  • WordPress Content Manager
  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive Design)
  • Website Security (WordFence)
  • Website Encryption (SSL)
  • Website Accessibility
  • Website Training

Follow-Up Services

  • General Website Updates
  • Monthly WordPress & Plugin Updates
  • General Updates to Website

At Florida First Insurance Group, we understand how confusing navigating your insurance options can be, and we have become experts in finding the right fit for you or your family.