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Meet the Elyk Innovation Crew


Chief Strategy Officer // Volleyball NerdChris Edwards

With a background in customer service and management, Chris Edwards joined Elyk Innovation in 2007 as a project manager. He has grown his role with the company and has supervised the launch of over 350 websites since. Chris currently manages the website team, oversees the day-to-day operations, and develops website strategies for our clients. Chris is very detail oriented and still manages many of our highest profile projects.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Chris graduated from the University of North Florida in 2006 with a degree in Business Management. When he’s not online, you can find Chris beach volleyball’n or neighborhood golf cart’n.


Full Stack Developer // The British OneDaniel Bage

Since late 2013, Dan has been the lead when it comes to design and visuals with Elyk Innovation. Completely self-taught, Dan excels in many forms of creative media. He turns dated, basic static pages into modern, fully responsive websites.

In his spare time, Dan is still an active member of the band that brought him to America back in 2009. Mutiny Within’s latest album was released late 2016. He plays guitar, keyboards and drums. He has a photography business which has included wedding shoots and his favorite: pet shoots. Currently studying orchestration with the goal to produce music for movies.


Sr. Developer // Rock StarGerald Bullard Jr.

Gerald joined Elyk in June of 2015. His self taught skills centered around e-commerce and he hit the ground running with large projects and day-to-day maintenance tasks. With his self taught Google degree, Gerald’s high energy and resourcefulness have been a great addition to the team. Gerald is always striving to stretch his skill set and become the best team member he can be.

Born in Douglas, Georgia, Gerald moved to Jacksonville in 1998 to become a popular bassist/vocalist on the Northeast Florida music scene. When not “at the screens,” you can find the old man on a stage near you still enjoying the thrill of live rock-n-roll performance.

James Federick

Front-end Developer // Lego MasterJames Frederick

James joined the team in April of 2021 and has been a great source of WordPress knowledge and trivia ever since. Inspired by working in a print shop during his college years, he decided to pursue a career in the creative world. James has always believed in the working together as a community and is passionate about being involved in the different communities around web design and development: he has even attended WordPress conferences as far as Tokyo, Japan.

After work he is an avid gamer, movie buff and proud uncle. He has traveled to Japan almost every year for 5 years. Learning is a big passion of his, whether it’s how a film camera works, the history of laserdisc, or studying other languages like Spanish or Japanese. If you’re trying to find him in the office, look for the desk with the Lego or the cool glasses.

William Moore

Web Developer // Sleeping EnthusiastWilliam Moore

Will joined the ELYK team at the end of 2020. He builds cool web apps, internal tools and assists with WordPress projects. He is a UNF alumni with a passion for web development and a love for back-end work. He specializes in functionality implementation, maintaining and updating web applications, and interfacing with clients to ensure their needs are consistently being met.

A native Jaxson, he attended Florida State Community College and transferred to the University of North Florida after getting his Associate in Arts. In his free time, he enjoys competitive gaming, exercise, and, of course, programming. He also helps his wife take care of their 12 animals, which he affectionately refers to as his “personal petting-zoo”.

WordPress Logo

Developer // Space NerdJustin Hedrick

Justin joined the team in July 2021 with an extensive background in development. A self taught developer, he has been writing code for over a decade. Justin is a tech guru capable of fixing even the strangest of problems.

When not writing code, he is a gamer, lover of movies and television and spends the rest of his time learning about space travel, He maintains his own website which is all about SpaceX and their technology and he enjoys model rocketry.


Jr. Dev // Night OwlEverett Chambler

Everett joined Elyk in June of 2020, where he first began completing maintenance tasks and routine website updates. Now in addition to taking car of client’s needs, he’s grown into making changes to websites and building small scale sites.

Currently attending The University of North Florida and majoring in Information Technology. He enjoys gaming, volleyball, and exercising during his free time.

Jacob Davis

Jr. Dev // Office Trash TalkerJacob Davis

Jacob just walked into the office one day in December 2020 and started working. He helps the team out by performing routine updates and assisting clients with their day-to-day needs. Jacob always wants to learn new things and strives to do his best on his tasks.

Jacob moved from his hometown in Melbourne, FL to graduate from the University of North Florida in 2021 with a degree in Computer Science. When he’s not working, he enjoys playing sports like Beach Volleyball (better than Chris), Ultimate Frisbee, and anything else he can find a group
of friends doing.

Joseph Delcastillo III

Jr. Dev // MetalheadJoseph Delcastillo

Joseph joined Elyk in the middle of the summer of 2021 as an intern. His responsibilities include ensuring that currently existing websites are maintained and up to date, and that clients are properly serviced.

When not at work, Joseph spends his time either studying web development at UNF or pursuing one of his hobbies in photography, music production, and 3D design and printing. He hopes that one day, if he works hard enough and acquires the proper skills, he will be able to retire on Mars.

Nick Myers

Jr. Dev // MasterChefNick Myers

Nick is the most recent web development intern to join the team, focusing on assisting the team with website maintenance and assisting clients. Though it’s not his field of study, Nick has years of programming experience that get put to use each day in his work.

Nick is a senior at the University of North Florida wrapping up his degree in Electrical Engineering. In his free time, what little there is, he enjoys cooking vegetarian meals for his friends and family, as well as losing money in the stock market.

Chief Innovator // Road Warrior

Joe Lemire

We build the internet and I spend most of my days staying out of everyone’s way. We have a talented team and I try not to interfere with their skill deployment.

I love helping clients use the internet to build their business and grow. My role is to discuss strategy, develop ideas and plan for the client’s future. I have the best job in the world, however, if I could find a way to get paid to ride my Harley that job would start tomorrow. If you ever wonder why a dog likes to hang his head out of the car window, ride a motorcycle.

Chief Number Cruncher // Brains behind the Curtain

Kelli Lemire

Kelli insures that we pay our bills and that we get paid in a timely manner. She balances our books daily, finds great deals that save us money and runs a tight ship.