Frequently Asked Questions

What to Know Before You Buy a Website

How much does a website cost?

A website cost depends on the amount of time needed to design and develop the project. In most cases we can give you a “ball park” quote after our initial consult. If we continue the conversation, we can lock in a “fixed cost” quote so we all know what we are getting into. Building simpler, front-facing websites such as small business and e-commerce websites have an efficient, streamlined process. But more complex, back-end websites such as HIPPA compliant patient portals require more planning and custom development.

How long does it take to build a website?

The development timeline of a website project depends on its complexity. More standard websites can be designed and built in 1 to 3 months. Larger, more complex custom developed feature-specific web portals can take much longer.

Can Elyk Innovation create graphics for my website?

Yes! Our graphics team can take any existing logo and brand material to create a website design that is creative and consistent to your identity. We can even help with on-site photography – nothing conveys your company better than your pictures.

What happens after I hire Elyk Innovation?

We start our website projects by presenting a website design or blueprint for feedback. Visuals avoid the boring details and trigger quick feedback. For front-end websites, we start with a creative homepage design idea and client feedback drives a design revision process. For back-end websites where functionality is key, we’ll show our client a well-planned website blueprint (wireframe) that shows efficient layout and user flow.

Will I know how to update my website after it’s published?

Yes! We train our clients on all websites we build and encourage them to grow their web footprint! Every website we build is different and we’ll make sure you know how to maximize and expand on what we’ve built for you. From standard post-launch training, on the fly video instructions, and call-for-quick-help – our clients will know how to manage their investment.

Will I own my website after Elyk Innovation builds it?

Yes. You will own your website – including all the custom design files and development code your investment required.

Can Elyk Innovation update my website for me?

Of course! We offer a wide range of website maintenance services that keep our client websites updated. From client-requested web page changes and monthly WordPress & plugin updates to weekly liveto-development website synchronizations for more hands-on clients – our clients are in good hands.

Can Elyk Innovation help me promote my website?

Yes! All of our front-end websites are built search engine friendly to increase the likelihood of more favorable search visibility. For clients looking for results, we offer search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising services.

Am I stuck with Elyk Innovation after it’s published?

Not at all. We’ve seen clients stuck in bad situations with unprofessional, unresponsive developers. Our website rescue service puts clients in control of their website, allowing them to control who works on it. We consider our clients an investment, and our professional responsiveness is why our clients keep us around.

My business is not in Jacksonville, can I still hire Elyk Innovation?

Absolutely. While we always enjoy meeting our clients face-to-face, we launch and manage successful website projects with mostly email and phone communication. And using screen-sharing, we even provide our clients with live demos of their website project – no matter where they live.

Do you charge for a website consultation?

No, and we’d be happy for the opportunity to talk about your website. From a simple call for questions to in-person meetings, you can rely on our years of experience to discuss your ideas and we are happy to share ours.

What costs are involved with getting a website?

Usually websites have their own costs but other services need to be factored in. Hosting is required for the website files to “live” online while domains are the website addresses. Domains are generally the cheapest at around $15/year while hosting is usually a monthly cost and varies depending on things like size, speed, and security.

How does the website process work?

Project requirements (aka paperwork) and deposit kicks our process into gear. We begin with a blueprint or design that puts a concept in a visual format for review. This feedback drives the project forward and clients are always kept up-to-date on progress. For larger projects, development is often broken into milestones with payments attached. And we always plan to ensure smooth website project deployments.