Growing Your Business Using the Chamber of Commerce

As a web development company, we launched our first website in April of 2000 and waited several years before joining and becoming active in the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce. Since joining, we have enjoyed the benefit of referrals from other Chamber members, as well as made great friends and overall have a good time.  Recently, ( May 2009 ) I had the opportunity to speak at a Chamber Council and the topic I spoke about was growing your business using a Chamber membership. I finished with a top ten list of how to get results and have provided this below

The TOP 10 action items to grow your business with the

Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce.


1.Find a Council- Show up and sign up. Schedule it like a sales call.

2. Marry a tall blonde.( if you need some ‘splainin”, call me )

3. Sign up to be a Spot Light Speaker.

4. Get involved – volunteer for a committee or event.

5. Attend Chamber and Eggs, several times per year.

6. Join a Board of Directors.

7. Cross Council.

8.  Get involved in Un-Campaign.

9. Get to know Chamber staff, ask how you can help.

10. Redesign your website. ( OK, not really, but you should consider it )

For more information on how to get involved, please visit

For questions, comments, complaints or insults please notify

Joe Lemire

Chief Innovator