Windows 7 and Memory

Microsoft is set to release its latest operating system, Windows 7, to retail stores in October 2009. The new platform will be available in several versions, including 32bit or 64bit. While 32bit systems recognize approximately 3.7GB RAM, the 64bit version will accommodate up to whatever your motherboard, processor, and wallet can handle. The good thing about having a heavy hand on memory is increased performance. Expect your camera pictures to load faster, your games to perform smoother, and your videos to launch quicker. On the negative side, most current software won’t be able to utilize the benefits of a 64bit operating system. Sure, Windows XP offered a 64bit version, but few software vendors offered applications that could use it. The good news is a trend has started and software companies, especially game creators, are beginning to develop their software to use the 64bit environment. With this trend and the release of Windows 7, the PC world will evolve by allowing more memory and ultimately faster computers.