Why It’s Important to Update Your Browsers

Did you know a web browser is used 90% of the time a computer is turned on? Whether it is to communicate via emails, play games, browse social media or shop, web browsers are a fundamental asset to our daily computer usage. With such heavy dependency, it is essential that browsers are fully equipped to handle daily tasks.

Is Your Browser Up-to-date?

Constantly companies are seeking innovative ways to improve their products and applications that drastically affect how these products work on your browser. Therefore, if the new applications are not fully compatible with your outdated browser, you are likely to experience slow speed, unavailable features, crashes and in some cases no functionality with the browser.

Don’t allow this to be you! Your web browser should simultaneously be updated as applications and websites are improved so you may continue to enjoy high speed browsing, improved internet security and receive all of the newest features offered. Frequently updates for browsers are released and in order to always get the most out of the applications or websites, it is important to keep your browsers up to date.

Why Do It Yourself When There Is Auto-Update?

Most browsers allow you to search and install updates as you fit. If you’re able to keep your browser up-to-date, great! If not, use auto-update! Browsers allow you the option to have the required updates installed automatically. This method is great because it keeps your browser functioning with maximum speed and efficiency without you having to do anything. Turn on your auto-update and stay up to date.

If you have any questions about updating your browser, ask us and let us help!