Why It’s Important to Update Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the web’s most common website platforms. We integrate most websites we build with WordPress to allow our customers to manage and update their own websites.

WordPress, like any operating system you’re used to, releases new versions of itself to stay on it’s A-game. We always recommend updating to the most recent version of WordPress. Here’s why …

Better Security

No software is perfect – you may even have heard of large corporate websites getting hacked. Unlike those companies, you may think that no one has a reason to hack your WordPress website.

But malicious attackers often don’t target specific websites – they spread their viruses and malware all over the internet, looking for any vulnerable websites that will let them in. Keeping your WordPress site updated to the most recent version seals the vulnerabilities these hackers are looking for.

Pro Tip: Make sure your WordPress username is not “admin”. Hackers know this is the default username for WordPress sites and will use it first when attempting to log in to your WordPress site. Any other username is much safer.

Performance and Bug Fixes

Despite it’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface – WordPress is a large, complex piece of software. Performance and usability bugs are quickly found and squashed. The fixes get released with the next version. Depending on how long you’ve waited to update your site, there could be hundreds of problems making your WordPress experience slow or confusing.

New Features

WordPress is always looking to improve and does so by including new features and functionality in their updates. Take advantage of new website tools in every WordPress update.

The most recent version makes using WordPress on your tablet or smartphone much easier. Now you can make sure your website’s content is as great as it can be, on the go.

The newest version of WordPress also automatically installs minor security and performance updates for you in the background, so you don’t have to think about it!

We always recommend making a copy of your website database and files before updating WordPress.

If you have questions about your WordPress or need help updating, just ask us!