Welcome to our new WordPress Website Blog

After much deliberation, the ELYK crew has decided to start a blog using a popular blog tool, WordPress, for our website. Why start now?, It’s not like we are a group of brilliant copy writers, we don’t have a serious political agenda and on most days it’s tough to speak coherent sentences, let alone write them for the world to view.

I think the key element that brought us to the blog table is that everyone is doing it. Yes, that’s right, good old fashioned peer pressure. Yes we will jump off the bridge if everyone else does, yes we will do another shot of Cuervo, not to be left out. We just want to be cool!

The reality is ( CIADB ) we think we can bring some positive word flow to the internet by blogging with a WordPress website. So stay tuned, we will post a minimum once a week, everyone will contribute. We intend to entertain, edumicate and learn something about ourselves along the way.

Thanks for stopping by.