More than Website Rescue: Re-purposing CAPTCHAs

Chris Edwards recently did a blog post about CAPTCHAs, security codes used on websites, and as part of a website rescue, how they help with stopping the flow of spam through web forms. It just so happens that CAPTCHAs are being used to solve problems beyond form validation. By using CAPTCHAs and more specifically ReCAPTCHA, users around the world are helping to digitize books.  And the ideas behind re-purposing CAPTCHAs  has lead Luis von Ahn, an associate professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, to develop a way to digitize the entire web. Luis and his team have come up with a very clever way to make this happen…and all for free. View the movie courtesy of – and if you’re getting slammed with web form spam, contact us for a website rescue!