Mobile Websites and Applications

In 2006 we launched our 1st mobile website and thought we were pretty cool. In 2011 we began offering responsive design; we got much cooler. Today responsive design technique is a standard practice in everything we build.

A responsive website is designed to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation when viewed on any mobile device.

Our Jacksonville based web design team specializes in building dynamic, mobile responsive websites.

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Responsive mobile website

Mobile web applications that respond to your screen size

Responsive web design is a popular development technique in which a website is built to provide the optimal viewing experience, regardless of how the visitor has accessed the website. The website will literally respond and adapt to the device whether it is a desktop PC, smart phone or tablet.

Internet traffic via mobile devices now accounts for more than half of all internet traffic, making the need for responsive design absolutely critical to any successful internet strategy. Fortunately, all new websites we build are responsive and we can also do responsive retrofits to older non-mobile-friendly websites.

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