Android and IOS Mobile Applications

Our U.S. based team will design and build the right mobile web application for you.

We develop custom mobile web applications on the Android and IOS platform that clients can use to improve their business and increase productivity. Any process that your business completes on paper can be streamlined, stored and managed electronically through a database tied to a mobile application. Use a tablet instead of a clipboard, press a button to save data instead of filing it. We can plan, design, build, launch and support your process improvement mobile application that will help your business grow.

Our Jacksonville web design team can build the right mobile web application for you.

Just Launched!

In addition to a complete website makeover, we designed and developed a mobile application for U.S. Legal Services.

US Legal Mockups

Why invest in a mobile app?

If your business uses paper for any key business process, you can streamline paper processes into an efficient mobile system.

Spotlight Project: FLMD

This project combined a web application managed at the home office with Android tablets used by field technicians.

1. Logging in securely from any internet connection, the scheduling manager posts all appointments for multiple field technicians.

2. When the technician boots up their tablet, the tablet auto synchronizes with the home office database and he can now see his schedule for the week.

3. While on site, the technician records data on the tablet (previously this was done on a clipboard).

4. When the task is complete, the technician syncs with the home office and all of the data from the appointment is delivered to the “home office” database. Most important, is the data is not stored on the tablet.

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