Is your website accessible to everyone?

In June of 2017, a major grocery chain headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, lost a lawsuit filed by a Florida resident that is blind. The lawsuit was filed because the website was not compatible with standard screen reader software. This lawsuit is the 1st case of its kind to go to trial and it was successful for the plaintiff.

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This case got our attention!

Website of The Arc JacksonvilleIn Florida in 2017 over 300 federal lawsuits were filed over ADA compliance. ( New York is ranked #1 with nearly 350 filed) We want to help our clients prepare and protect their business from the same type of lawsuit. Besides, why wouldn’t you want your website to be accessible to everyone?

In 2012 we contracted our first project that required ADA Section 508 and WCAG accessibility compliance, At the time, we knew how to build an accessible website, however we rarely got a request for the service.

Fast forward to 2017 and we came full circle. We had the honor of redesigning and launching that same website

Today we are experts in the process. If you are not sure what is required to make your website compliant, give us a call. We will review your website and provide recommendations to ensure ADA Section 508 and WCAG compliance.

The Good News!

ADA website compliance is good for marketing.

A key component to a successful marketing strategy is to make sure your website is accessible to all visitors. If your website is developed to meet or exceed ADA compliance guidelines, search engines will favor it. If a search engine prefers your website over others in the same industry, it may improve your search rankings and potentially generate more interest in your business.

How can we help?

We start the process using Section 508 and WCAG accessibility evaluation tools and a simple checklist. We audit your website using technology and direct interaction. Our goal is to identify the areas that are high priority, flush out the false positives and false negatives and provide a detailed report on the next steps.

We can train your staff to maintain compliance

If you manage your own web site we can train your team on the basics of updating the website and maintaining compliance. A typical ADA compliance training session is one hour.  The ADA training can be conducted at your location using your website.

If you would like us to review your website and determine what is required to make it ADA compliant, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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