The Secrets of Great Website Content

Online website content is king and will determine the overall success of your website. If your copy isn’t user friendly, speaking directly to the needs of the site visitors it will never be read.

Furthermore if your content is not search engine friendly the search engines will never give you good page rankings. Remember, 70% of all website visits start as a search. Well planned, well written content is the key to attracting and maintaining visitor to your website and is the basis for all Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For the uninitiated, website content writing can be a time consuming and frustrating task. There is an Easier Way, but will get to that at the bottom of the pages.

If you’re going to give it a go then here are some important things to keep in mind.

Tailor Your Message to the Audience

The site’s audience doesn’t care about what you want to say, they care about what they want to read.


Give Users a Summary

Before diving into the nitty-gritty give users a summary of what they are about to read. This will allow them to make sure your topic is worth their time. If you have written your summary successfully they will continue to read.

Get to the Point

If you take away anything from this article let it be this. Online users don’t read they scan. Get straight to the point in the least amount of words possible. Do not beat around the bush

Use Small Sentences and Paragraphs

Using smaller sentences and paragraphs makes your content easier to read and understand. Online readers will read only about half of what they would read on paper.

Limit One Thought Per Paragraph

Attempting to cram more than 2-3 thoughts into one paragraph is just rambling on and will confuse all of your readers.

Use Bullet Points

There are many advantages of using bullet points. Some of which include:

  • They are easy to scan.
  • Nest to headlines they make it easy to get important points across.
  • They break up the flow of the page.
  • They draw users in.

Use Strong Headlines

With only 1-3 seconds to grab attention, the goal of any headline is to capture your reader’s interest long enough to make them want to read about and purchase your products and services.

Use Sub Headings

Sub headings break up the flow of your content and provide a very intuitive way for users to scan the page. Not to mention, sub headings provide a great benefit to search engine optimization. The most effective sub headings are descriptive and make use of a few good keywords.

Stay Organized

Ease the user into the content and then keep them reading by staying organized. It is difficult to talk to someone who is jumping from one topic to another.

Stylize Your Content

Using bold and italics are both great for capturing user’s attention and driving your point home. Avoid using underline for anything other than hyperlinks.

Remember Users are Pessimistic

There’s a lot of garbage and hoaxes online so readers are immediately skeptical. Write using unbiased language and avoid the dreaded sales pitches. Build your creditability by being able to deliver on what you say.

Don’t Worry About Contingency

Don’t pad your sentences in attempt to cover all your bases. Keep it simple

Drop Unnecessary Adjectives

There are a million different ways I could express the love of my remarkably smart and beautiful dogs, Hank, Maybeline and Greta. However, none is more effective than “I love dogs.” If your adjectives are not providing any significance or additional information to your content then drop them.

Use Details and Be Specific

No one is really interested that your product or service is “new and improved”. Tell users exactly what is new and improved. The more descriptive you can be and the better explanation you can give, the more likely users are to continue reading.

Use Links Within Your Copy

Remember this is the internet after all and linking from one page to another is expected. Hyperlinks will also standout amongst the other content on your page and help users to quickly scan the page and identify what the page is about.

Use a Personal Tone

Writing your content as if it is a medical document is boring and will immediately put users to sleep. Make your content personal and users will be able to relate, and trust you. Warning, going too far can make you appear immature and unprofessional. Speak to your readers as if they are next to you and you’ll be fine.

Be Unique

Stand out by give your content some personality, make readers laugh, and enjoy reading your content. If you can do this you have struck gold as users will read deeper and even come back for more.

Escape Content Overload

Too much content can overwhelm visitors drive them away from your site. When getting to your home page, users are typically going to scroll down to see how much text there is to read. If it looks like a wall of text then odds are they’ll leave before even reading the first line. Remember, online readers will read only about half of what they would read on paper.

Always, Always, Always

Proofread 3 times

Spell Check twice

And give it to friends for that oh so important final look.


For that Easier Way we mentioned up top:

Contact: Barry Morrow 904.742.8607

“You’ll never realize what a professional website content writer can do for you, until you try to write it yourself”