Are You Still Using IE6?

Let’s make a move into the future and ditch the old browsers.

Internet Explorer 6 was released August 27, 2001, almost 8 full years ago. Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 8 on March 19, 2009. Why do people still use this older version of IE? Beats me. As a web developer, I can’t tell you how much time is wasted making website designs compatible with IE6. At eLYK we develop websites for Firefox and then test in IE7/IE8, Safari, Chrome, Opera and last but not least IE6 (notice how this can’t be linked to download?).

The usage share of web browsers.

  • Internet Explorer (66.10%)
    • Internet Explorer 4 = 0.01%
    • Internet Explorer 5 = 0.04%
    • Internet Explorer 5.5 = 0.05%
    • Internet Explorer 6 = 17.52%
    • Internet Explorer 7 = 44.51%
    • Internet Explorer 8 = 3.99%
  • Mozilla Firefox (22.48%)
  • Safari (8.21%)
  • Google Chrome (1.42%)
  • Opera (0.68%)
  • Other (1.11%)

There are a lot of benefits to upgrading to a newer browser as well. Better security, slick toolbars and plugins, tabbed browsing ( I would go nuts if I had to revert back to dozens of new windows minimized in the toolbar trying to figure out which square was what site ), built in search bar and customization.

Security is king to the Mozilla folks. Here is verbiage taken directly from their site.

That’s Where Firefox Comes In.

Using it is the safest way to surf the web because:

  • We don’t try to tackle the problem alone. An international community of security experts is working around the clock to make your web browsing safer (thanks to our open source way of doing things). It’s like having your neighborhood watch led by a group of highly trained ninjas.
  • We consider your security every step of the way. Security experts work right from the start to identify and address potential problems before a single line of code is written.
  • We stay on top of the issue. We’re constantly monitoring threats and releasing new Firefox updates to stay one step ahead. Operating in an open source world means anyone can help us find and fix our weak spots.

For more details on how Firefox keeps you safe online, visit our security blog.

Like to customize the look of things on your computer? Firefox is definitely for you. There are 100’s of pre-made skins to change the look of the browser window. Mozilla states “There are more than 5,000 Add-ons (little extras that augment Firefox to meet your unique needs) just waiting out there to help you do more, have more fun and be more creative online.” Keep up to date on your eBay auction, control your music, photos and media, Twitter and much more directly from your browser.

If we can team up and encourage users out there to upgrade, it only takes a moment to upgrade to IE8 or Firefox, then, as a web developer, we could spend more time on making great websites using the latest scripts and standards without having to test for issues that occur in older browsers.

Take the plunge. Download a better browser right now!