Using Website Statistics to Develop a Website Strategy

Your website can provide you with a wealth of information about visitor ( potential customer ) behavior. This data can be used to better shape your internet strategy. The data is actually collected by software maintained by your website host, if you are not sure if that is available, ask your webmaster about web traffic statistics.  The software can record information about incoming traffic such as the number of visitors, where they came from, what pages they visited, and how long they stayed. Using website statistics, you can develop and maintain a website strategy to optimize your web presence.

The first objective is to determine the period of time you want to see your data. If you do not have a website strategy in place, it’s best to look at statistics since the launch of your website. If you are maintaining an existing website strategy, it’s better to look at the statistics over the last few weeks or months.

One of the most important pieces of information is what page of your website is the most popular. This can be determined by the page with the most visitors. While the home page is usually the most visited, knowing what page is frequented most lets you know where the top real estate is on your website.

Websites also record the amount of time visitors spend on each page. Like the most popular page, pages that visitors spend the most time on indicate good real estate for that page.

Additional statistics include the entrance and exit pages. An entrance page is the page that is seen first by a visitor when they get to a website. The most common entrance page is the home page. The exit page is the last page a visitor is on before leaving your website. When you know what your most popular exit page is, you can take steps to strengthen that page to prevent visitors from leaving.

Referrals and keywords are also significant website statistics. The referrals let you know where visitors come from. The most common referrals will be major search engines. If you find an unexpected referral bringing traffic to your website, strengthen that connection. The keywords will let you know what people search for that result in them visiting your website. By knowing what keywords are generating traffic, you can strengthen your website with those keywords.

It’s always important to monitor your website statistics. Know how many visitors to expect each day, where they come from, what pages they are looking at and for how long, and where they are leaving from. Use this information to implement a website strategy to strengthen your website, bringing in more traffic and keeping them longer.