Understanding Website Hosting

A website needs to be hosted for it to be on the internet. This means all the files that makeup a website needs to be on a computer that is properly setup for the world wide web. Many people don’t understand what an internet hosting account is, just that they have one. So let’s learn the basics.

There are several features that come along with a hosting account, the first is usually storage space. A hosting account has to be large enough to store all of the files that makeup the website. For example, if all the files of a website are 10GB, then the hosting account needs to be 11GB or higher. As a website grows, its storage capacity will grow too, so its a good plan to afford some extra space.

Bandwidth, the rate at which data transfers, is another feature to keep in mind. Think of a 2 lane road being 100GB of bandwidth. Now, think of a 4 lane road being 200GB of bandwidth, 200GB can handle twice the amount of traffic! If the bandwidth is exceeded, the hosting account will need to be upgraded to the next level.

Another common feature for a hosting account is emails. A hosting account needs to be able to support all the emails a website needs with it. For example, a website that needs 50 emails will need a hosting account that can setup 50 emails. Pretty simple!

That’s the basics of website hosting! Of course, there are several other factors such as operating system, database support, technical support, email forwarding, FTP, webmail, aliases, subdomains, auto-responder, website statistics … probably the most important feature your hosting account requires is qualified support. If you have a question, you need an answer, not a message board or FAQ section.

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