Responsive Design IS the Best Option For Your Website!

responsive-smallBy now, you’ve probably heard of Responsive Design. If not, you’ve definitely seen it. You know those websites you’ve gone to on your mobile phone that look exactly the same as the full website, just sized perfectly for your device? That’s a responsive design. So why is it now the best option?

First of all, for smartphones Google recommends a responsive design. When Google recommends something, the website world pays attention since they handle roughly two thirds of all internet searches. Google recommends responsive design mainly because there is one seamless configuration instead of various options that a web browser has to look at and figure out where to send visitors. The non-responsive configuration is also prone to mistakes that may not reduce a user’s experience, but that may make it harder for a search engine to rank that website well.

Secondly, having one website over multiple device improves your visitors’ experiences. If someone is on their lunch break and visits your site, they may not have time to look at it and may wait until they get home that night. Once home,  chances are they’re going to visit your site on a tablet, laptop or PC. If you have a responsive design, that visitor is going to experience the website pretty much the same across all devices. This leads to familiarity and a nice warm fuzzies once that visitor realizes they’re looking at the same thing they saw earlier.

Finally, having a responsive design means all changes and updates are done once and are applied across the board. For those of you with a WordPress content management system this means the only update that needs to be done is done via WordPress. If you have a standard mobile website on top of a standard website, both websites need to be updated. Standard mobile websites have to be coded manually, so only us nerds here at Elyk can update your mobile website for you. Having a responsive design can shave what was once a 30-45 minute set of updates into a single 15 minute change!

There are other reasons a responsive design is the best option, but you probably don’t want to read a 44 page article explaining why, so we’ll save some of those other reasons for later. Whether you’re trying to impress Google possibly for some better search results, making sure your visitors enjoy going to your website, or trying to reduce the amount and cost of updates to your website having a fully responsive website design is the best choice for you!