Ping Pong: ELYK Innovation’s Soul Food

Here at ELYK Innovation, we deal with a variety of people, websites and applications. At the end of the day, keeping up with everything can be a little draining. Some people turn to sleep to get their energy back after a long day’s work. But we take a different approach. We play ping pong!

ping_pongPing pong is food for our souls. If we have a bad case of the Mondays, we can instantly remedy that with a quick game of ping pong. When Friday comes around and we feel like we are missing something from that week, ping pong is there to fill the void. But most importantly, ping pong helps break up the monotony of working on a single project for long periods of time.

As a web applications developer, sometimes I am faced with a problem that I just can’t quite fix. Rather than sit for hours banging my head on my keyboard (thus adding a headache and a broken keyboard to my problems), I turn to ping pong as inspiration. And more often than not, that break helps to solve the problem at hand.

Other times, we use ping pong as an ego booster. If I think that I can do something better than Chris, he challenges me to a game of ping pong to prove that I am wrong (how that proves Chris is better than me at the other thing, I’m still not sure). But it calms him down and makes him feel like he accomplished something. The bottom line is, ping pong isn’t just a fun game to play, it’s good for your soul!