Pimp My Tailgate Grill!

With the NFL kicking off the 2010 season, I thought it would be appropriate to re-publish this article about the awesome tailgate grill that only I possess. It is the only one in the world. Handcrafted, sleek and unique, it will make it’s debut on Sunday, Jags Vs Denver!!
( originally published in March 2010 )

Warning! Reading this blog post may produce feelings of jealously as you covet the awesomeness of my tricked out tailgate grill designed for the ultimate Jaguars game day experience.

I just renewed my season tickets for the 2010 Jacksonville Jaguars and started to get excited about the upcoming season. For me, the game day experience is as much about tailgating and hanging with friends as it is about the game. The past few weekends that had sunshine were the perfect time to get my tail gate grill ready.

The Challenge:

Last season I bought a 2 burner grill at Home Depot for $89.00. It was the perfect size to store at our tailgate parking location for the season. The grill was promoted to be easy to assemble. That was true however that feature also made it easy to fall apart. In addition it was designed to sit on a back porch, not to be wheeled across a grass field every other Sunday from the storage area to where we parked to tailgate.

The second problem was the location of the propane tank. It was designed to rest near the feet, not the wheels (see below) this made it very difficult to move.


Step 1: take it apart and beef up the frame and drive train!


Now the grill has 4 beefy wheels that are “all terrain” and it rolls on two 7/16” axles. I have owned these wheels since our son Kyle was 6 years old. They were previously used to power a home made go kart and after he outgrew it, I never threw them away.


Step 2: A common problem that occurred last season was attempting to drink beer, smoke a cigar AND grill meat.  Often times, if you set down the beer and/or cigar, spillage and waste occurs….not good.

The solution was to build a custom Beer and Cigar holder….hence forth it shall be called the BeerGar Holder (patent pending)


I spent less than $5.00 at Home Depot on PVC pipe and my brain power did the rest….pure genius! ( insert manly grunt )


Step 3: I lightly sanded the PVC pipe for surface prep then sprayed primer and 2 coats of glossy paint. You can almost smell the testosterone


A bonus is the BeerGar holder is a great place to hold the grill tools and the drink holder can manage both cans and bottles.  As stated earlier, please refrain from envious rage!


Step 4: I glossed the front with the appropriate Jags décor; you may also note the black hub caps as an added touch..although they do not spin. (maybe next year)


The final touch is an ELYK car magnet on the back. Going forward, all tailgate grilling is sponsored by ELYK Innovation!!



Go Jags!!

For tips on building your own BeerGar holder, awesome tailgate recipes, or a website design in Jacksonville, contact Joe Lemire, 904.998.1935.