PDF’s and SEO – Improve Your Searchability

acrobatOne question we get every now and again from clients is: “Are PDF documents searchable by Google or other search engines?” We respond, “absolutely.” If you have information stored in PDF’s that are more than just an index, chart or form then most likely it is informative information you want your customers or clients to have. Why not make it search engine friendly and benefit from it? When a potential client does a search on the web it would be great if a term or phrase from one of the linked PDF’s on your site attracted them to your website. How do you optimize your PDF’s for the web? It starts in Microsoft Word, or another word processor that can distill into Acrobat, and a little forward thinking. Start by using terms and keywords in your document just as you would if you were placing this information on your website. Once the document is complete save it as a PDF and then open that PDF in Adobe Acrobat. In Acrobat, in the toolbar, click File>Properties. This will show the Document Properties window with the Description tab opened by default. Add Title, Subject and relevant keywords to the document. Once done click the Addtional Metadata button below the Keywords textfield. Now you can add a description that details what the document is, similar to the meta description in your sites header. Click OK, and then OK again. (If that went over your head don’t worry. That’s why you hire web designers.)

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