“It’s Not a Great Website if the Words Aren’t Great”

No matter how great a website’s design, no matter how elegant the navigation, sooner or later site visitors will decide whether to take action based on something they read.  In the end, the effectiveness with which a website converts visitors into clients hinges on the words.

“We write great words that engage your clients and the search engines love”.

Writing great words for the internet for almost 20 years, we write clear, concise and descriptive website content that conveys “who you are” and “what you do”. We tell the story of your organization and how you provide value to clients by writing informative descriptions of your organization, your products, and your services.

Maximize your client’s online experience and search engine exposure

Website Content & SEO:

Content is arguably the single most important element of any website. To support your marketing goals, our descriptive reader friendly content speaks directly to your customers and the search engines.

Content Refresh & SEO Rescue:

Top websites refresh their content on a regular basis, do you? If not, please know that there’s no better way to keep clients current and the search engines fed than to make regular content updates.

Search Engine Optimization Ready Content:

We understand SEO and how to improve search engine page rankings. To help potential clients find your website and to improve search engine page rankings, all of our content employs proven SEO techniques. “We write for people, but optimize for search engines spiders.

A New Google Procedure that Will Drastically Affect Your Search Results:

Google continues to change the search engine playing field with a new search algorithm named “Hummingbird”. This complex change is designed to be more precise and provide faster query results; the algorithm is based on semantic search, focusing on user intent versus individual search terms.

If it Sounds Complicated, Don’t Worry We Get It

Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query, ensuring that the whole query – the whole sentence or conversation or meaning is taken into account, rather than a particular word.

Simply put, it’s becoming less and less about the keyword and more about the intent behind them.

Call us to talk about updating your outdated website content for Hummingbird compliance.

Blog & Social Media Content:

Great blog and social media content is essential to online marketing success. You’ve probably already figured out that writing for blogs and social media requires not just skill, but a lot of time. We have the time and expertise to do it right and offer writing packages to suit almost any budget.

Proofreading, Tweaking & SEO’ing Your Writing:

You know it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. So if it’s already written, but could use some professional tweaking…don’t hesitate to call.

“You’ll never appreciate what a professional content writer can do until you try to write it yourself”.

Contact: Barry Morrow, Experienced Thinker bmorrow@elykinnovation.com 904.998.1935