New Website for SDS Compliance Company

We’re pleased to announce we have recently published a new website for Global Safety Management at

The website design is completely custom – our client directed changes during the design process. The design is also 100% mobile friendly so it can adjust to any screen size, even tablets. We also added subtle parallax effects to background images for a cool effect.

In addition to the cutting edge visuals, we also secured the website by wrapping it with standard encyrption (HTTPS) and installing WordFence to help keep out the bad guys. Other features include integrated chat, embedded videos, newsletter signup, and a blog for posting product and industry updates. The website sits on top of WordPress and we’ve trained the client on how to update and manage their own website going forward – but we’ll always be around to help!

Global Safety Management is an SDS compliance management company that leads the compliance industry with peerless expertise and mission-critical technologies and software. Visit their new website at