New born twins vs managing a website project – a case study

My wife and I have been recently blessed with the births of our twin boys. They are definitely a lot of work and demand a lot of attention. If things aren’t organized and scheduled throughout the day you can easily lose track of feeding times, nap times, changing and baths. As a seasoned web developer, I cannot help but notice that there are a lot of similarities between raising newborn twins and managing a web development project. The time-line of a website project over several weeks is pretty similar to the scheduled day of our boys.

The Twins Boys The Client’s Project
The boys wake up Project Kick off meeting
First morning feeding We receive our first batch of content
Start playtime activity Design wire-frames and get feedback
First diaper change Client feedback and wire-frame changes
Nap Waiting for client approval
Second feeding Wire-frame approval and designs started
Start playtime activity Start design work
Second diaper change Client feedback and design changes
Nap Waiting for client approval
Start playtime activity Finalize designs, get approval and start build out
Bath time Designing and programming site functionality
Final night feeding Delivering finished project for client approval
Third diaper change Client feedback and final design changes
Bedtime and stories Launching the site and announcing it on our site

It may seem inappropriate that the scheduled diaper changes are lined up with client feed back. ; -) …I am NOT implying that Client feedback is similar to baby poop, rather it is the exact opposite….Baby poop is the only way our twins can provide feedback on the meal they recently consumed. Of course the above examples are a little loose and aren’t directly related but you can definitely see the similarities. If you don’t have a schedule and plan things effectively there is plenty of room for mishap and ultimately letting your newborn (or client) down. If you have any questions about a website project or changing diapers, please do not hesitate to call.