Mobile Website Strategy

We designed and launched our first mobile website in early 2007. Shawn Retzer gets the credit for pushing us towards mobile. Shawn noted that nationally it was a developing trend and we should consider it as part of our service. Our goal was to be the first Jacksonville website developer to offer mobile websites. I don’t know that we achieved that goal, but we were clearly early adopters. We experimented with our own website first. The methodology was new to our industry and we were simply diving in head first. We are glad we did because 5 years later the world is connecting to the internet using mobile devices. Ipads, tablets, smart phones and the hybrid phone tablets are dominating connectivity.

We have closely monitored the mobile traffic increases to our client websites, and after the 1st quarter of 2012 we saw mobile visits double! Specifically, if a client’s analytics showed that 20% of their 2011 website traffic originated from a mobile device, then in the 1st quarter of 2012 it was 40%. We are confident that the trend will continue and encourage all of our clients to consider adding a mobile website.

How does it work?

That is a question that we get daily and the answer is pretty simple. We add a line of code to your main website that can detect if someone is using a mobile browser to access your website. Once detected, the code redirects the visitor to see the mobile website first. Visitors will always have the option to proceed to the main website however, we want to be sure they get a good first visit so the mobile site is optimized for mobile viewing.

A mobile website can be feature rich like your main website however we usually recommend that you start with the basics. We display your logo, your phone number ( that can be clicked to call ) and a map link to your office. The balance of the mobile website is basic content like a list of services, a contact page and an about us page. You do not need all of your web pages on the mobile website because the primary reason people use a smart phone to access your website is to call you or find you. The majority of the mobile websites we build are that simple. If you want to see examples, please use your smart phone to view, or and then visit the website on your computer to see the difference.

A few of our clients have gone to the next level of mobile and have mobile web applications. A mobile web application is a mobile website that has many interactive components. These interactive components are linked with a database that is often shared with the main website. Any updates completed on the main website database will also be viewable on the mobile website. Please visit or to view interactive mobile web applications.

The bottom line is the move to mobile is happening right now! If your website is not mobile ready, call us today to discuss a strategy that makes sense for your business.