Keeping Your Website Content Alive

You’ve carefully constructed the website content of your site to meet your strategic goals.  The website design reflects your identity and intentions. Finally you are live on the internet with a brand new website. Time passes. You may not have even pulled your site up on your favorite web browser recently. Is it still up to date? Does it still live up to your intentions? Is it meeting your goals? If you answered “no” to any of those three questions, you need to establish or re-address your web strategy.    Your website should never be considered a finished project.

Trends shift, services diversify, and many other things affect your business as time goes on, sometimes on a hourly basis. Some of these items may not be things you want to broadcast publicly, however many of them are and can provide value to your site’s visitors. Letting your web presence rest stale and unmodified is ignoring a powerful communication tool. Accurate, fresh, and pertinent website content is the simple key to better standing in search engine results. It also gives people a reason to return to your site, giving you additional opportunities to convey new information to them. Whether it’s an informative article, sale or promotion, service or inventory addition, or just company news, let the world know! As long as you avoid over-decoration in favor of  relevant content, your up-to-date website will shine.

Additionally, your site shouldn’t be the abandoned member of your marketing team. Put your domain name ( on all of your marketing materials and take advantage of driving direct traffic to your site. The dynamic and interactive nature of the web can engage your clients, and when used poroperly, generates new business.

Don’t hesitate to ask us what our ideas are for keeping your website alive. And don’t forget, current clients can email any update requests to to directly add work to our maintainence schedule.