Launch Pad

Windows 7 and Memory

Microsoft is set to release its latest operating system, Windows 7, to retail stores in October 2009. The new platform …read more

Dinosaur For Sale?

We recently had a discussion in the office about this article on CNN. The article describes an interesting find: an …read more

Growing Your Business Using the Chamber of Commerce

As a web development company, we launched our first website in April of 2000 and waited several years before joining …read more

Are You Still Using IE6?

Let’s make a move into the future and ditch the old browsers. Internet Explorer 6 was released August 27, 2001, …read more

Multitouch: An Emerging Technology that Can Change Web Design

As many of you have probably experienced, the iPhone’s touchscreen is awesome. When viewing pictures, you can use two fingers, …read more

Mandatory Sign-Ups and Lost Customers in Web Design

Last week I went to a midnight showing of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on opening night, here in Jacksonville. Since these …read more

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