The Crew

Chris Edwards, Jacksonville Website Design Team

Chris Edwards

Chief Strategy Officer
& Beach Volleyball Nerd

Chris Edwards joined the crew in 2007 and has supervised the launch of over 250 websites since. Starting as a project manager, Chris has grown with the company and now oversees the day-to-day operations and develops website strategies for our clients. Mr. Edwards is very detail oriented and still manages many of our highest profile projects.

Chris, a Jacksonville native, graduated from The University of North Florida in 2006 with a degree in Business Management. When he’s not online, you can find Chris in Jacksonville Beach competing in beach volleyball.

Daniel Bage, Jacksonville Website Design Team

Daniel Bage

Front-end Design and Developer
& The British One

Since late 2013, Dan has been the lead when it comes to design and visuals with Elyk Innovation. Completely self-taught, Dan excels in many forms of creative media. He turns dated, basic static pages into modern, fully responsive websites.

In his spare time, Dan is still an active member of the band that brought him to America back in 2009. Mutiny Within’s 3rd album is to be released late 2016. He plays guitar, keyboards and drums. He has a photography business which has included wedding shoots and his favorite: pet shoots. Currently doing graphics and music for a game with the goal to have his name in the App store soon.

Gerald Bullard, Jacksonville Website Design Team

Gerald Bullard Jr.

& Rock Star

Gerald joined Elyk in June of 2015 coming from a mostly e-commerce background and hit the ground running with large projects and day-to-day maintenance tasks. With his self taught Google degree, Gerald’s high energy and resourcefulness have been a great addition to the team. Gerald is always striving to stretch his skillset and become the best team member he can be.

Born in Douglas, Georgia, Gerald moved to Jacksonville in 1998 to become a popular bassist/vocalist on the Northeast Florida music scene. When not “at the screens,” you can find the old man on a stage near you still enjoying the thrill of live rock-n-roll performance.

Kyle Lemire, Jacksonville Website Design Team

Kyle Lemire

Web Developer &
Virtual Reality Conquistador

Kyle has been involved with Elyk since its inception. Initially in charge of plugging in computers, Kyle’s responsibilities have grown to include blueprinting, designing, and building websites. He also performs ongoing Search Engine Optimization services for several of our long-term clients.

Spending so much time at Elyk at a young age cultivated a love for the internet and a desire to contribute to it. Now, he is attending the University of Central Florida to grow his skill-set and take on projects of his own. That is, if he can escape the virtual world and safely return to Meat Space.

Huston Johnson, Jacksonville Website Design Team

Joseph Betbeze

Web Developer & Cat Wrangler

Joe Betbeze joined Elyk in September of 2018 as an intern web developer and has been growing his web skills since. Joe focuses on daily website updates from our clients along with maintaining several client websites and website security renewals. Joe has become a reliable team player and always willing to help where needed.

When Joe isn’t working at the office, he’s often working on his studies at UNF or further developing his web skills at home. Joe hopes to continue working and saving so that one day he can achieve his goal of building a shelter for stray cats. The shelter is to be dedicated to his long lost friend, Noodles.

Joe Lemire, Jacksonville Website Design Team

Joe Lemire

Chief Innovator
& Road Warrior

We build the internet and I spend most of my days staying out of everyone’s way. We have a talented team and I try not to interfere with their skill deployment.

I love helping clients use the internet to build their business and grow. My role is to discuss strategy, develop ideas and plan for the client’s future. I have the best job in the world, however, if I could find a way to get paid to ride my Harley that job would start tomorrow. If you ever wonder why a dog likes to hang his head out of the car window, ride a motorcycle.

Kelli Lemire, Jacksonville Website Design Team

Kelli Lemire

Chief Number Cruncher
& The Brains behind the Curtain

Kelli insures that we pay our bills and that we get paid in a timely manner. She balances our books daily, finds great deals that save us money and runs a tight ship.


A few pics from our shoot

Elyk Conference from February

Joe Lemire in office

Gerald at Work

Chris helping a client

Team jumping for photo

Team hanging out at the river

Team holding up money signs

Dan preparing for photoshoot

Team hanging out at the river