Jacksonville Jaguars Game Day Experience

My wife and business partner, Kelli have 2 season tickets and really love going to Jag games.  Nationally, plenty has been written and posted about the lack of season ticket sales for our Jacksonville Jaguars. We all know the economy has been tough for many and when it comes to deciding on a car payment or football tickets, the choice is obvious.  I have noticed however that when I go to the local sports bar, or have dinner out with my fabulous wife and teenager, that the places we visit are packed. How does a sports bar “sell-out” in a tough economy? We were at the Jacksonville Ale house last night ( Thursday 10/15 ) the only game on TV was Cinncinati vs. USF. The place was at capacity.

If I watch a football game in a sports bar, I can easily spend $100.00 on food and drink over a 3-4 hour experience. A Jags ticket can be purchased for as low as $40.00, but even at a higher price, you can maintain a budget.  Stadium food and drink prices are ridiculous, but you can eat before you arrive.  If you make a day out of it, you can have a fantastic experience. Our game day goes something like this:

We head to our tailgate location (Billy’s Place) at about 9:45 AM ( for a 1:00 game ). We get there at about 10:15. We set-up for the afternoon and the festivities begin at about 10:30. We leave a gas grill at the location (great reason to park at Billy’s Place) and start cooking at about 11:15. Please note that several breakfast related libations are already flowing.

We grill, mingle with the other couple hundred fans (both teams), and play lasso golf. Usually an off the wall wager is concocted (friendly of course) and we have a really good time in anticipation of the game.

At about 12:15, we start walking towards the stadium. We stop to pet the homeless guy’s dog (make a donation) and proceed to greet and make friends along the way. We are in our seats no later than 12:50, just in time for the game to begin.

The national anthem and military fly-over always bring goosebumps. The energy at a home game is incredible. After the game, we head back to the tailgate location and wind down in a very chilled, very relaxed atmosphere. We are home by 6:30.

It is fun, does not have to be expensive, and the actual game is only a portion of the day’s entertainment. Win or lose, it is a good time. I recommend you try it.  Also,  if you get a chance please visit the www.Truetothe Teal.com.

*If you attend the game vs St Louis this weekend, look for a sudden launch of multi-colored bouncing balloons near the BudZone.  Early in the 3rd quarter, we will launch 5 of them… the one that stays in play the longest wins the “friendly” wager.