A Few Interesting Things Google Analytics can Teach You About Your Website

Our Web Development team installs Google Analytics into every website we build to learn more about what’s going on with visitor traffic and provide valuable reports to our clients. Here are a few interesting things you can learn about your website through Google Analytics.

Find out where your website traffic is coming from, geographically speaking.

Google Analytics will try to match each visitor to a specific location and map it visually. In the Location report, circles will represent where your traffic is coming from. Bigger circles indicate a larger visitor count than smaller circles.

Learn what kind of devices are looking at the website.

In their Mobile reports, Google Analytics can break down your traffic by device: desktop, mobile, and tablet. As the web continues to go more mobile, it becomes more important to make sure your website works well in mobile environments, especially if your data shows an increasing trend of smartphones and tablets accessing your website.

Know what Google searches are leading traffic to your website.

Whether you are focused on SEO or another strategy, Google Analytics will attempt to capture searches that result in traffic. Your website should be found naturally when people search your company or brand name. But you want to be found for searches that don’t mention your brand or business name, but rather the specific service you provide. The Organic Search Traffic reports in Google Analytics can show you whats driving traffic and provide you clues to what needs to change.

If you have questions about Google Analytics and your website, ask us!