Inspired to Program Web Applications

So apparently I’m the last one to write someting for our new blog. While I was brainstorming on something useful to blog about, I found the lack of inspiration a little frustrating. Then it hit me: I’ll blog about inspiration. You see, in our industry, creativity is key. Without it, our websites would be boring and pretty much useless. And at times, it is very difficult to be creative. Just like writing, designers and programmers alike can have “writer’s block.” For the designers here at eLYK Innovation, it’s pretty easy to browse the internet for cool ideas and new looks., for instance, is one of Shawn’s favorite places to get inspired. But us programmers have a little bit of a hard time getting ideas to make awesome web applications.

For example, we’ll have a requirement to create a store location search feature on a web application that brings up Google Maps and puts markers on the specific store. It’s pretty easy to make a link for each store that pops-up a new window with the normal Google Maps features on it. But what if we want something a little flashier? Surprisingly, there are very few websites with excellent store search features; trust me, I’ve looked. When something like this happens, it usually turns into a drawn out conversation and brainstorming session between the programmers.

It would just be so much easier if there was a website like Smashing Magazine but targeted at programmers. This type of site would be a conglomeration of lots of amazing articles on awesome programming techniques in web applications with the occasional “Best of” article. The article would pick a topic, say store location searches, and scour the internet for excellent examples of store location searches.

Of course, we wouldn’t use other people’s code or anything. But to see the result and thought process of other programmers would help us get in touch with our creative side. It’s hard enough that programmers inherently aren’t very creative individuals!