Increase Sales by 30% in 2010!

We are rolling out of the most difficult recession in 30 years.  The economy has turned in the right direction and I am witnessing some very positive energy in the business to business marketplace. Where do I see the most positive energy? Networking events, particularly the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce.  If you are not involved in the Chamber, becoming a member should be a high priority for you this month. The membership is affordable, they have programs for every size business, and they accept every form of payment.

We joined the Chamber 5 years ago and every year can attribute 60%  of the referrals we receive as  a direct result of our membership.  We are in the third week of January 2010 as I write this post, at our business we have started 4 new projects ( 3 from Chamber referrals ) and I just completed 4 additional proposals, ( 2 from Chamber referrals ). Kelli and I attended the beaches Chamber mixer the night before and after we left, we got a call from another Chamber member. Diana Otwell with Spectrum Signs gave us a referral from someone she met that night. Can it possibly get better? Yes it can and it will.

The Chamber offers dynamic networking events every week. The events are very diverse and occur at different times. For example, next week  you can attend The JITC breakfast meeting Tuesday January 26th @ 7:30AM. That same day you can attend the South Council luncheon  @ 11:30AM. The following day (Wed. 01/27 ) you can attend the Arlington Council breakfast at 7:30AM followed by the Professional Women’s Council @ 11:30AM.  Every week offers something different. Networking is the most effective way to grow your business. We expect to grow at least 30% in 2010, and at least 60% of that growth will come from attending Chamber activities.

The Chamber is about business connecting with business.  If you would like more information on how to join please feel free to call me @ 904-998-1935.