I ♥ Web Applications

Here at eLYK, we talk a lot about web applications. The phrase is even in my job description, so I’d like to think I know a little bit about them. However, we’ve found that when we throw around words like “web application,” “database,” or “admin area,” some clients feel a little apprehensive. What exactly are “web applications”? Do they hurt? Are there any ill side effects to using one, such as premature hair loss?

Put simply, web applications are pretty much the same as applications you might run on your computer, like a word processor or email application. The key difference is that a web app is accessed through a web browser, making it more convenient to use if you happen to be away from your own computer and easier to support multiple-user collaboration.

One application that we built in the past involved an employment form on their public site that connected to a reporting system where they could view past applications and run reports to see how they were doing. Another application that we built allowed experts from all over the country to collaborate in creating repair tutorials that include text, images, and videos. And, last but not least, several of our clients use customized versions of Bonfire Live to manage every aspect of their business.

Whether you want to be able to access important information from virtually any location via a browser or you are looking for another way to cut down on administration costs (and paper!), web applications are a great way to stay efficient, improve productivity, and even save a tree or two.