Home Page Experiences: Bing, Google, and Yahoo!

As much as we are on the internet, we become accustomed to seeing our preferred search engine. While everyone has their favorite, the chief search stations are Bing, Google, and Yahoo!. Functionality set aside, I wanted to compare these Big 3 based on their home page experience.

, the latest search engine developed by Microsoft, opens with a simple design. The header hugs the top of the browser and displays links to Microsoft-owned services while the body of the front page is the real attention getter. Surrounding the search field is an impressive photograph that changes daily. Each photograph is labeled and includes hot spots that provide educational details with relevant links. Users can also enjoy scrolling through previous photos or disabling the feature altogether. The Bing home page concludes with subtle links to promotions and popular searches.

Sporting the most straightforward home page in the business is Google. Set over a white background with “old school” blue links and plenty of open space, users have no problem locating the search field. In the header, links are provided to dictate what category to search in while links surrounding the search field offer preferences and facts about Google programs. The simple and recognizable Google logo remains the most prominent element- after all, it’s the only picture! For popular holidays and unique anniversaries, the logo will change to a relevant picture with a link to an appropriate website.

Yahoo!’s home page has several elements outside of its search feature. The top of the front page houses the search field itself, which includes common category links. Below the search form, taking up much of the middle, is a list of featured news followed by the a standard, text-only news section. The left and right regions include links to common internet sites such as eBay and FaceBook, popular searches, and a single graphic advertisement.

Each of the 3 search engines provides a different home page experience. Users who enjoy a quick way to search the internet while catching some eye candy along the way will prefer Bing’s simple and fresh approach. Net surfers who favor an unobstructed and minimalistic search page with pleasant surprises will continue to prefer Google. Lastly, those who like to eyeball current events and visit common internet sites while they search will stick with Yahoo!. Which search engine you choose can say a lot about you!