Email Marketing: Great Blog or e-Newsletter Topics

Almost any business can benefit from a blog or email marketing online newsletter, however, many business owners are reluctant to start one because they’re not sure how to keep it up to date or even what to write about.

There is literally no end to the possibilities.  If you need some help picking an interesting topic, see my list of topic ideas to help get you started, or take a less painful approach and call me for some expert writing help.

By choosing great topics, you’ll make your reader think of you when it’s time to buy.

The Basics:

Don’t waste the reader’s time. Always write about things of interest or value to your customer and please keep it simple.

Winning General Topics:

  • Write about the common questions or concerns your customers have
  • Answer specific questions you’re asked over and over again
  • Write about the things that stop your customers from buying
  • Write about their doubts in working with you
  • Write about “What Sets You Apart”
  • Ask for, and reward, new client referrals
  • Do a “Client Survey” and report on the results
  • If customers are concerned about price…write about value
  • Write about “Why Clients Should Use You” instead of your competition
  • Establish yourself as “THE INDUSTRY EXPERT” by educating customers

Educate Clients With:

  • Problem specific tips and techniques
  • Talk about how your new or most popular products/services can benefit the reader
  • FAQ’s
  • “How To” tutorials
  • Industry news that will affect buyers
  • New ways to use your existing products and services

Tell Clients About You:

  • How you resolved a sticky customer complaint and won over a client
  • Updates on your business
  • Something funny that happened that proves you are human
  • Community awards, events, or projects
  • Talk about new customers and current projects

Offer Something of Value:

  • Announce a contest
  • Offer discounts or special offers
  • Send out printable coupons
  • Provide client testimonials
  • Report on changes that positively affect your clients

General Concepts That Work:

  • Create a need and fill it
  • Be passionate, write about something that matters to you
  • Always keep the reader in mind

Important Stuff:

Create a series of articles in advance and send them out on a scheduled basis. The repetitive traffic will entrench your name in the customer’s mind and positively influence your SEO.

Have FUN writing and don’t take yourself too seriously. Blogs and Email Marketing Newsletters should not only be informative, but also fun to read.

Don’t End Up With Egg On Your Face:

  • Use proper words
  • Use proper tense
  • Use proper grammar
  • Uses proper punctuation
  • Spell Check – Spell Check – Spell Check
  • Proofread – Proofread – Proofread

Or For The Less Painful Approach – Contact Me For Help.

“You can never appreciate what a professional copywriter can do for you, unless you have ever tried to write something yourself.”

Barry Morrow
Experienced Thinker