Google takes a stand. Quality content is King!!

Google announced last week they made a big change to the algorithms that decide how a website ranks in a search. Not surprising the change is a big positive to websites that have quality content. The move has impacted nearly 12% of all websites indexed in Google’s directory (which is about a gazillion). The goal is to “demote” websites that have poor content quality and promote websites that have quality content. Many low quality websites add duplicate content gleaned from other websites with the sole purpose of gathering traffic based on hot topics. For example, if I wanted to take advantage of a hot topic, I might grab content about Charlie Sheen and post it in my blog (did I just do that?). Seriously, we have been big promoters of quality website content since our inception. We recommend a blog for every website we build and even provide clients training on a solid blog strategy. Quality content will improve your search rankings. In fact, quality content is the foundation of our search engine optimization strategy. The easiest way to add quality content to your website is a blog tool. We prefer adding a blog to a website during design and development, however we can retrofit a blog to an existing website if it was developed within the past 2-3 years. If you would like more information about this topic, go to this article. If you would like more information on internet strategy, website content or a blog strategy, give us a call. 904.998.1935.