Google Reports More Searches on Mobile than Desktop, Make Sure You’re Mobile Ready

It should be no surprise that Americans spend hours per day staring at their phone in a most unproductive and distracting way.

Recently, I was sitting at a stop light and I noticed that the 2 drivers beside me, the one behind me and the 2 in the turn lane were all staring at their phones. I believe that a drunk driver is safer than a distracted driver, because the drunk driver is trying to drive safe, while the distracted driver is not paying attention….at all. This has got to change, but this post is not about distracted driving.

Recently, Google reported that mobile searches have eclipsed desk top searches in 10 countries and that includes the US.

Mobile phones account for ½ of the time we spend online, but what is interesting is that when it comes time to make a purchase, over 80% of the time we will return to the desk top or tablet. We love to research and browse on our phones (while driving evidently) but we prefer to buy at the desktop.

Google is trying to bridge the gap between mobile browsing and desktop purchases and the only way that will happen is to make it simpler than a desktop.

The first step is the recent launch of Google Purchases, which essentially is a BUY button built into an advertisement. The browser clicks the BUY button and Google facilitates the purchase with an easy to use interface. This is a good first step however as a business owner that wants visitors to buy whatever you are selling, the most important step you can take is to insure your website works well on a smart phone.

Your website must be responsive to mobile devices.

A responsive website minimizes the need to scroll or pinch the phone screen to get the information you are looking for. This provides an optimal viewing experience for the visitors and in theory, will encourage the visitor to take action. In addition, Google announced in April of 2015 that they will give a responsive website a higher ranking signal than websites that are not mobile friendly.

Now is the time to take action to insure your website provides the best user experience that it can. If you want to discuss this in detail, give us a call.