Google Prefers Secure Websites In Search Results, Is Your Website Secure?

Google has recently announced that they want websites to be more secure, and to encourage this they are giving preferential treatment to websites that meet their expectations. Whether or not your website uses sensitive information like credit cards or Social Security Numbers, Google has said that if your website meets their security standards, they’ll give you higher search rankings. If you want to get found when someone searches on Google, being secure can help make the difference!

What Google means by being “secure” is that the website has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and a web address that starts with “https://”. If you want to find out if you have https protocol, simply go to your website and look at the web address in your browser. If you see the name of your website preceded by “https://” you’re in business.

In order to have https, a website has to have an SSL installed. An SSL is a special certificate issued by a security company that has verified that you are who you say you are and your website is what it says it is. SSLs generally cost from about $75.00 to $900.00 depending on the encryption level; the lower cost SSLs provide basic security while the premium SSLs provide enhanced security, extended validation and a green web address bar for web browsers. Whatever kind of SSL you want,  it takes web nerds (like us) to install them on your website server.

If you want better search results and you’re not sure your website meets Google’s security preferences, call or email us and we’ll take a look. If your website doesn’t already have it, we can install an SSL for you and make sure your website shows up with https. And while we’re at it, we can also get you set up with a Constant Contact account for email marketing, do some Search Engine Optimization, and manage a Pay-per-Click campaign for you! If your website is out of rocket fuel and needs some new booster rockets to make it to the moon, our website space engineers can redesign your site, build in a content management system, build a web application or build ANYTHING you need for the Internet, the solar system and beyond!