Google Experiments with Keyboard Shortcuts for Search Result Interface

We are accustomed to our input devices; the keyboard and mouse. Some prefer to use the mouse as much as possible while others prefer not to deter from their keyboard. Google is experimenting with their search result interface to accommodate web surfers who favor the keyboard. These kinds of keyboard shortcuts should have no impact on search engine optimization.

The experimental system assigns common actions to certain keys, as outlined below. The common shortcuts will be for selecting the next result, selecting the previous result, and opening a result.

J selects next result
K selects previous result
O opens selected result
Enter opens selected result
/ puts cursor in search box
Esc removes cursor from search box

Most will continue to use the mouse during Google searches. They may maintain the mouse provides an easier see-point-click selection method while the keyboard allows only an incremental up-down selection method.

The keyboard cowboys embracing the new technique during Google searches will undoubtedly find a smooth flow between their searches and their destination without having to defer to the mouse.

Anyone with a Google account can join the experiment from Google Experimental Search. For non-Google users, the experiment is available here (be aware of snakes).