A New Football Season Is Exciting, Just Like a New Website

The professional football season is less than two weeks away, and as a passionate Jaguars fan I can’t say enough about the electricity in the air about the 2014 season. Some fans and experts think we should throw Blake Bortles into the fire and see what he can do. Top management has stated they will start Chad Henne and sit Blake so he can learn. Whichever side you agree with, it is clear that the new players we drafted and acquired via free agency will have a positive impact on our team.

When we talk to our clients about a new project, we feel the same excitement as a sports fan. Every year fresh ideas emerge, businesses change and technologies improve. If a business has had the same website for the past several years, it is exciting to discuss all of the new options and technologies that are available to them.  So to continue the football vs web analogy, I thought I should share a few ideas.

1st round draft choice –>>> responsive mobile design: If a website was launched before 2011, there is a strong possibility that it is not responsive to mobile viewing. (And we challenge anyone to tell us they knew anything about Blake Bortles in 2011). Responsive mobile website design was the hottest design trend in 2012 and it is the standard today. The best time to make your website responsive is when you are doing a complete redesign. Attempting to retrofit responsive technology to an old design is very difficult, time consuming and of course expensive. If you want to dig deeper about the benefits of responsive design, visit our July blog post.

Reliable Veteran –>>> Word Press content management system: we starting experimenting with Word Press in 2007 when it was a 4 year old technology. At the time, it still had plenty of bugs and security issues. Those issues have been addressed and we put Word Press at the top of our list as a dynamic CMS or blog tool. At first we offered Word Press as an option for a new website, but today we install it in nearly every website we build. There might be better systems available, or in development, but we know exactly what we have when we install it behind a custom design. (Just like Chad Henne)

Undrafted Rookie –>>>> starting a new business: we have a lot of clients that start a new business and hire us to build a new website. Starting a new business is both exciting and terrifying because usually the idea has great potential, but there are plenty of unknowns. Jags top management had enough faith in rookie wide receiver Alan Hurns to sign him after the draft. They had faith that he could develop into a top flight receiver. Early indications are they made a great decision as he has been the surprise of training camp and the NFL. Similarly, we want you pleasantly surprised by our performance, we want to exceed your expectations and have you excited when talking about us.

If you are considering a website redesign, new website or any service related to the internet and your business, simply call us to discuss your project. Go Jags!