How to Evaluate Your Website for ADA Compliance

Smart business owners today need to take extra effort in order to make sure everyone and anyone is able to access their website, whether it’s to get information or buy something. This focus needs to include people with disabilities who often encounter challenges navigating many websites, reading certain types of text, seeing certain colors or typing correctly in certain fields. However, trying to determine proper website accessibility can be a challenge. There are all sorts of federal laws and other guidelines that spell out everything businesses can and should do in their website design and user experience to ensure proper website accessibility .

But rules keep on evolving, often as fast as technology changes, so trying to learn all the right steps and the proper process for correct website ADA compliance can often make website designers or other employees feel overwhelmed and confused.The good news is you don’t have to know it all or do it all yourself: there are a variety of online tools and website consultants who specialize in ADA compliance for websites.

Elyk Innovation in Jacksonville, Florida recommends businesses start their website accessibility compliance efforts by using basic set of free online tools called WAVE, short for Web Access Evaluation Tool. This will provide a general overview of any areas a website lacks in terms of disability access. While not comprehensive, it can lead to more discussions about possible areas of improvement.

The next recommended step is to request a website accessibility audit, which involves a member of the Elyk Innovation Jacksonville team examining your web site page by page and reviewing your code line by line. Elyk Innovation employees have extensive knowledge of what it takes to learn and achieve WCAG /  Section 508 website compliance, which is the source of the federal accessibility requirements for websites. At the end of the company’s True Audit process, clients will be presented with WCAG /  Section 508 website compliance recommendations about what improvements could be needed, and how Elyk Innovation can help your company achieve a larger level of compliance.

Overall, the goal of the WCAG /  Section 508 website compliance audit process is to invite clients to take the needed next steps and improve their website accessibility.

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