Establishing goals will guide your website design

The beauty of a website is that it opens a line of communication between you and your audience. You get to set the stage and call the shots. The website represents the digital face of your business and the message it sends is your most important asset. The effectiveness of this communication sits on a strong focus towards an established goal. Web visitors are a finicky bunch; you have very little time to catch their attention so your message better come across clear. Everything about your website can contribute to the main goal or message of the site. This is why it is important to set your goals early and let them guide the project.

There are many possible questions to consider when crafting a goal for your website. For example:

•    Who are my customers? Who is the intended audience?
•    What makes my business different from others in the same market?
•    What information will people require when visiting my website?
•    How will I be able to determine if my website is a success?
•    Do I need to establish my brand?
•    Do I want sales, leads, repeat visitors?
•    What is my ultimate message to communicate?

While there are certain items that may remain flexible with the production of a website, many of the decisions made along the course of the project are very costly to revisit or backtrack on. Having a clear goal will not only help the decision making process, it will ensure the project stays on time and on budget. Call us today to discuss your web development project, we can help you develop and implement a strategy that serves your business. 904.998.1935.