Elyk Publishes New AAA Advanced Residential Rehab Website

Today we published a new website for AAA Advanced Residential Rehab!



This website build project involved responsive website design, the current trend in mobile website development. It means the website will change itself to fit on whatever screen size loads it!

We’re also using WordPress for the content management system and blog, allowing the owner to change his own website and post news.

All websites we build are search engine friendly, but we went the extra mile with search engine optimization, beefing up the code to help the website rank better for specific keywords as soon as possible.

We’ll be keeping AAA Advanced Residential Rehab in our SEO program for awhile to monitor rankings, make adjustments to continue ranking improvements, and report to the client of course.

AAA specializes in all home renovation and home remodeling services from the inside out. Check out their new website!