Content Network and Search Network

Do you have a Google AdWords account and have been confronted with the question on what network(s) to advertise on? Your options are the Content Network and the Search Network. So, what’s the difference?
Content Network
Google’s Content Network is a very large group of websites that partner with Google AdWords to display ads on their websites. This partnership allows advertisers a greater reach on the internet and affords website owners extra income for advertising real estate. Ads are displayed on websites where the ad is relevant to the website’s content or theme. Advertising on the Content Network gives advertisers a wider reach to their audience, but measuring the response becomes difficult with limited reporting.
Search Network
Google’s Search Network is the search engine where organic results are listed based on a user’s search. In the same manner, a user’s search will list the relevant ads. The most common portal of the Search Network is Google’s home page. Other portals include the Google Search bar sometimes found embedded in a browser or non-Google website. Advertising on the Search Network provides thorough reporting to measure your markets behavior but limits the ads to user-based searches.
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