Common Roadblocks for New Bloggers

Blogs allow business owners to interact with their visitors and increase their website visibility, especially with regard to search engines. Now that you have a blog on your website, how do you proceed? We have found creating blog topics and content writing are common roadblocks for new bloggers.

The first obstacle is writer’s block and you don’t have to be a writer to get it. Keep a sticky note nearby and pen down ideas during your work week. Revisit them later and decide which idea you can blog about the best. This will usually be a specific topic that you have detailed knowledge on. You will be surprised on the many ideas you get! We blog about several topics from information we learned in our industry such as web design trends or about a specific website project we completed. The scope of our blogs range from easy-to-understand such as content writing to very technical issues such as a specific Yahoo Search Marketing problem. Sometimes they are completely off topic such as “pimping” a grill, just for fun! We have learned that “blogger’s block” usually disappears once you get the hang of it.

Coming up with the content is usually the second obstacle for new bloggers. Content is a huge factor in getting ranked in search engines. But do not ignore the human visitors to the blog. Write content for visitors first by making an appropriate title and provide clear, supporting content. Include quotes, pictures, and movies to supplement the point. Eventually this will be published to the internet so polish it up! Then, determine what keywords are appropriate to the particular blog post and include them in the content where it makes sense and will not confuse the reader. Including relevent keywords can help your website in search engines. Avoid “spamming” keywords in the content- if a visitor feels spammed, the search engines can recognize it too and penalize you with lower rankings.

If you can get past the writer’s block and can develop relevant, keyword-rich content, your blog is well on its way to effectively communicating with your potential and current customers, in addition to showing search engines you mean business!