Chrome Begins Shining More Light on Website Security Holes

As SEO-focused web developers, we follow Google’s recommendations on safe and secure websites.

Google’s Security Blog recently announced Chrome browsers will begin shining a brighter light on website security holes. Starting in January 2017, Chrome address bars will display “Not Secure” on any single webpage asking for a password or credit card that is not protected with standard website encryption (a webpage is secure if its link starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP). Eventually, these non-secure notifications will expand to display on any website, not just any webpage, that is not protected.

Our website links start with HTTPS and show a lock icon in the address bar. Does your website?

Standard website encryption is becoming less of a recommendation and more of a requirement.

Will Your Website Be Impacted?

The easiest way to check if your website will be impacted is to look at the links in the address bar – they start with HTTPS or just HTTP. Websites with HTTPS are protected and secure but HTTP websites need website security to avoid “Not Secure” labels. Still Confused? Contact Us!