Case Study: How NetWorth Uses Their Website to Grow Their Business

Websites are becoming more important for small businesses these days. With smaller budgets, businesses need to be able to get the most bang for their buck whenever possible. One of our clients, NetWorth, has taken full advantage of new technologies to make their business more efficient and assist their members as well.  NetWorth is a Jacksonville based business networking group that holds regularly scheduled events throughout Northeast Florida.
(  How does NetWorth use their site to help their business?

A Blog

Adding a blog to their site has given NetWorth the ability to post networking and business related videos, articles, personal thoughts and any other information they think will benefit their members. Members are also encouraged to comment and add their own experiences as well.


An easy to use calendar has been added that allows members to view all upcoming networking events and if appropriate, pay for the event right then and there from the site. No need to mail in a check.

Make Money

Advertising space on the website  is available for purchase on a per month basis.

Member Value

NetWorth wanted their members to have a custom area they could call their own and allow them to create a business profile. Members can post specifics about their business and make themselves available for others who are looking for their services or need a referral for a specific service.

Will adding these things to your site help you in your business? Perhaps. As a small business owner you have your finger directly on the pulse of your daily operations.  Ask yourself “What do I need? What do my clients need and expect from my business?” Make a list and sit down with your web developer to see what can be done to help your business grow.

A word from Kathy and Terrell –

Elyk Innovation has designed and managed our website from the beginning. As our needs have grown, Elyk Innovation has been proactive with cutting edge ideas and technology to keep our website fresh.

Their knowledge and passion for efficient and eye catching websites is unsurpassed. They have always expeditiously answered our questions with creativity and wisdom. When we decided to upgrade our website there was no question as to whom would be awarded the task,  Elyk of course. While keeping in tune with our vision of teaching people how to network their business effectively and the shift in social media, we wanted our new website to reflect the newest technology and trends. Elyk Innovation redesigned our website completely while adding video, blogging, calendars, advertising real estate, member logins and much more.  If you are anticipating a new or updated website, I would highly recommend you giving the Elyk Innovation Team the opportunity. Websites should be fun, informative, efficient, technologically advanced and user friendly. Elyk Innovation will give you all that and exceed your wildest expectations.

Kathy Timmons and Terrell Holman, Co-founders of NetWorth