What Happened to Your Blog? It Supports Search Engine Optimization!

Everyone knows an active blog and social media campaign can be the easiest way to raise your website to the top of the search engine rankings. In fact, there’s no better way to support search engine optimization and to keep clients up to date than informative writing and a well-planned strategy.

You’ve already put a lot of effort into developing a website, but like so many others, probably find it hard to find the time to continually make the posts necessary to actively promote your business. Oh yeah – and what about that new website content you were going to write on a regular basis?

Five common excuses for not getting it done:

  • Not having the time to write – hey, you’re busy running a business
  • Not doing it now – I’ll do it tomorrow, I promise
  • Not knowing what to write about – sure you do
  • Not being comfortable with your writing skills – hey, you ain’t no Shakespeare
  • Not including the needed keywords and phrases in support of your SEO strategy – it’s hard


Sound familiar?

Then here are some simple suggestions to get you back on track.


Some do’s: 

  • Set a goal of at least one post per month – one a week is way better
  • Write about what you know – after all, you’re the industry expert
  • Find a subject your clients care about – hopefully you know what they need
  • Keep it short (250-350 words) – that’s about as much as they’ll read
  • Keep it simple – stupid
  • Offer a solution – or don’t waste your time
  • Sound like yourself – not that guy on T.V.
  • Pity the reader and respect their time – they’ve got a life
  • Tell the reader what you want them to do – every time
  • Offer value, knowledge, and solutions – that’s why you’re in biz
  • Link 2-3 words back to a specific page on your website – remember, SEO


Some don’ts:

  • Never use sales speak, never ever! – it’s sure to offend the reader
  • Never use long words where a short one will do – not trepidation – fear
  • Never use the passive where you can use the active – not – we can – we will
  • Never use scientific words or technology jargon – ever try understand an Astrophysicist
  • Never write about more than one topic per post – too much confusion


Still can’t do it?

Then it’s time to consider a professional writer. We understand how to write for all forms of digital marketing and offer writing programs to make your online marketing sing.


Learn more:

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