ADA Compliance Toolkit WordPress Plugin

Plugin and Website Coming Soon

ADA compliance for your WordPress website just got easier with the launch of our ADA Compliance Toolkit! Deployed as a WordPress plugin, the toolkit was developed to help developers, business owners and whoever does the updates on your WordPress website. Simply install the plugin and activate the dashboard. The ADA Compliance toolkit will identify compliance issues, explain why they are an issue and help you fix it quickly. ADA compliance for your website is now the law, don’t get caught with compliance issues.

Plugin Features

  • Page-by-page analysis of ADA issues.
  • Fix ADA issues on the fly where possible, with visible hints/suggestions to assist you.
  • Ignore ADA warnings when needed.
  • Learn website ADA as you go with direct links to WCAG statutes.
  • ADA plugin changes are non-destructive to existing page code/content (default editor only at current).
  • 3 specific non-content issues (H1, Skip Nav, Doc Lang Attribute) can be ignored by the paid plugin.

Why should I consider ADA compliance?

Any business that provides services to the public must insure their website content is accessible to visitors with disabilities. The good news is upgrading your website to compliance does not require a complete rebuild and often only requires a series of code changes.

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