ADA Compliance for Your Website – Yep, It’s a Thing

Proper ADA compliance for business a decade or so ago often came down to creating adequate conditions for someone with disabilities to safely enter and exit your location. Today, these rules and guidelines have been extended into cyberspace and ensure that anyone can visit and has access to your company’s website, especially those with disabilities.

ADA compliance for websites isn’t just good business practices and a customer-friendly approach, although those are both fine motivations. It’s also the law, and not doing so opens up your company to legal liability especially if someone with disabilities wants to patronize you but feels they’re unable to.

Companies can take steps to make sure their websites can be seen by people with different abilities, such as:

  • Responsive design. This means your site automatically adjusts to be seen on whatever device is used to view it, such as a phone, desktop, laptop or tablet. Sites that are designed for desktops only are sometimes difficult to view on mobile media.
  • Alternative text. If a person can’t see the images on your site or they don’t render on a person’s phone or computer, the site designer needs to put a few words what that particular element is.
  • Color needs. Some design programs allow you to look at your site to simulate different color blind conditions. This should be encouraged to make sure all objects are able to be seen and understood by different users. Site designers also need to include contrasting colors for different text items, such as a different and noticeable color when someone clicks a link or clicks a button.

Website Accessibility Experts at Elyk Innovation in Jacksonville, Florida

The good news is that you don’t have to revamp your entire website to improve its accessibility, which can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, our website consulting company is familiar with federal information guidelines and requirements, known as WCAG Section 508 compliance, and we can look through your code and pages and make website accessibility recommendations on what needs to be fixed urgently or can be modified. As experts in ADA compliance for websites, we can keep up to speed on any changes or updates in regulations and different technologies.

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