AC/DC Concert, Observing Human Behavior

A few weeks ago I attended the AC/DC concert at Veterans Memorial and I wanted to share a few thoughts and observations.  Before I do that I found some interesting history on the band. I always like to study a band before attending a concert because my overall knowledge is limited to the music they play. I have been listening to AC/DC since the 80’s but really did not know much about them. Quick and interesting fact. Back in Black has sold an estimated 45 million units worldwide, making it the highest-selling album by any band and the 2nd highest-selling album in history, behind “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

These observations are in no particular order of importance, but are arranged as they surface in my memory. I will summarize before starting..people are funny to watch.!

In attendance was my best friend/wife/supermodel, Kelli and my other best friend soon to be 16 son Kyle. We have attended many concerts together, it is kind of what we do. Kyle plays electric guitar ( actually shreds, go to Youtube and search snufflewuffle, he has 5 or 6 videos posted ) We arrived in style care of A Luxurious Limo ( the only way to attend a concert I must say!) Outside of the main gates they had quite a party rockin to get everyone warmed  up. We bought a beer and started people watching, the first thing I noticed is that most of the crowd was in their 40’s + (present company included ) This is helpful when you try to create a picture of some of the people we observed.  Some of them were:

1. “Dancing in the cracks guy”, we have all witnessed this at one time or another, he just misses the beat and just can’t stop dancing!! This is particularly funny when it is to 8O’s rock.

2.  “I used to look hot in this top girl” and she still thinks she is hot in that too small, not enough fabric, why did you wear a hankerchief top!

3. “Drank too much, too early” chances are, he never saw the show!

They had a Van Halan tribute band getting ready to play outside when we arrived. They are called 1984 and when they got started they were pretty good. ( We saw VanHalen last year in Jax ) The funny part is the guy who introduced the band said “please welcome 1994“!! Then of course Dancin in the cracks guy got a second wind!! Another funny item was the lead singer ( channeling David Lee Roth ) was dressed just like him from back in the day. It was very authentic which cracks me up, because today it looks ridiculous.

Excellent merchandise in the arena, great selection of  T-shirts ( for Kyle ) and posters ( for Kyle and one for our office ). Many bands don’t sell posters at the event…they should.

Seats were easy to find and we settled in to watch the Irish warm-up band ” the Answer” not very inspiring.

You never know who will be in the seats around you. In front of us was a husband and wife with their 5 or 6 year old daughter. I  think that is a bit young for a rock concert,  but they brought ear plugs for her.

Behind us was Green Bay Packer Fan. Dressed in Packer Yellow and Green, he looked the part with his beer keg belly, stained shirt front, and obvious consumption of large quantities of beer. This guy was funny, he never clapped between songs, instead he screamed between songs, generally directed at women in the other seats, making requests for brief moments of exposure.

He tried to engage us in conversation several times, I generally will accomodate this to a minimum, because the conversations are generally drunken blather, but instead I had fun with it. By the time we were done, he thought I was a mink farmer from Racine Wisconsin. He went through the usual have you ever been to the ….. or do you know whats his name from the , etc…etc…we were best buddies when it was over!

On my left was a group of twentysomethings that really appreciate old fashioned rock and roll, we traded quite a few high fives as the songs from the old albums cranked up.

Please note it is impossible to dance to Back in Black..many tried that night..all failed!!

AC/DC put on a great show, the crowd never sat down once the show started. Angus Young plays guitar like a madman. ( One riff must have been 15 minutes ) Brian Johnson sounds the same live as on an album. It was one of the best concerts I have attended. I originally bought the tickets because they have been on my list of bands to see before they die of old age ( next up, Rolling Stones ) However, I just might see them again. For those about to rock, we salute you!